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  1. New OEM seat - Monster S2R/S4R

    Ducati OEM SEAT Part# 59510361D This seat is new. Has never been installed. Purchased for Monster S2R1000 - should be the same for all S2R/S4R/S4RS and maybe other Monsters (check with a Ducati shop to make sure). $230 shipped (within contiguous U.S.)
  2. New Carbon Fiber hugger - Monster S2R/S4R/S4RS

    Carbon Fiber Rear Hugger by Ducati Performance Purchased for Monster S2R1000 - should fit all S2R/S4R/S4RS This hugger is new. Has never been installed. Includes gaskets and installation instructions. Part number: 96965203B - Made of High Quality (Pre-Preg) Carbon Fiber with Fiber Glass...
  3. Fuel Injectors Needed for 2004 S4R

    Hello, Local cycle shop (non Ducati dealership) says I need new fuel injectors for my 2004 Monster S4R. Does anyone have a good source for new or refurb? How about a qualified mechanic in the Ann Arbor / Detroit area? THX KC
  4. WTB: Monster S4R Rear Brake Pedal

    Need the rear brake pedal/lever for a S2R/S4R and any mounting hardware would be a plus! If you have this laying around and don't need it anymore hit me up. Thanks!
  5. FS: Monster S4 exhaust and Ohlins shocks

    For Sale/Wanted
    I have 2 shocks (one by Ohlin and the other one by sachs) and a complete (ok, it looks complete) exhaust system, along with some other small parts. Details: Ohlins shock: "Ohlins Racing 516", on the coil: 01092-29/90 L345". Has some kind of Ohlins brand attachment (the black tube is cracked...
  6. S4R luggage advise

    There are a lot of posts on this subject, but I am looking for something specific: For those of you S4R (mine is a 2004) with a Remus high mount exhaust, is there any saddlebags that will not hang too low and fry on the pipes? I wanted to go this route so that, on overnights, I can strap a...