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  1. Shoei Sena SRL2 bluetooth helmet communications

    Hey guys, I am a new (2016) Multistrata 1200S owner and loving the bike. This is however a bike that is pushing my technology envelope quite a bit. I also purchased a Sena com system for my shoei GT air helmet. However, while I really only hoped to be able to listen to music and FM stations, it...
  2. Sena Handlebar Remote NEW IN BOX

    Selling a Sena Handlebar Remote SC-HR-01. The unit is brand new in the box that has never been opened. I got this with with Sena 10U Bluetooth headset but will never use it on my bike. My hands are not big enough to reach the bike's controls if I were to clamp this remote on the inside edge of...
  3. SENA SMH10R installation

    Hey guys, For those that have a SMH10R headset on their helmet, could you post a picture of your installation? How did you guys hide all the wires? Did you make homemade modifications to your helmet? I want to hide the wire that comes out of the sena module, but i'm hesitant to make a...