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  1. Ducati service light tool

    Morning my Fellow Ducastita's I know a thread will already exist but at this short notice, I haven't had a thorough search yet. Just wondering what sort of service tool is available for purchase to keep with my bike? I live 1100klm from the nearest Duca-bike store and having the ability to...
  2. 1100s Buying Advice

    Hi guys looking a purchasing an 09 1100s. Its done 27,000 Km. - Is there any common major flaws that are present in this model at this mileage? - Is there any upcoming major service work due at this mileage and whats the cost? Basically I'm just trying to factor this in when considering the...
  3. 1198 Workshop manual please

    Hey guys, into some serious work on my 09 1198 and I was wondering if anyone has a workshop manual in PDF? I was using an HTML version but it's not working. Thanks,
  4. Service Rip Off?

    Just got bill from 7500 mile service from Metuchen NJ Cross Country for my 2011 1198 with 9700 miles Valve Adjustment, Timing belt oil change, and bled rear brake... Haven’t picked up bike yet so have perused bill but it came to $2051.00 USD I was expecting $1200 - 1400 ish. Does this sound...
  5. Soon to be new Owner :) But problems already!

    Hello all! My name is Josh, new to the forum!! Im currently in the process of buying an 848 Evo, two models have popped up at a rather good price range (less than 15k) Both 2012's etc, but I'm leaning more towards one as it literally has 1500km and no mods besides Termi exhaust vs 11,000km...
  6. Need some info on wheel bearings 848

    I'm entertaining the idea of changing my wheel bearings on my upcoming tire change. Now the front seems pretty much cut and dry, i'm lost on the rear however. So if anyone has any experience and info on the rear wheel bearings and replacing or servicing them lay it down here. My main questions...
  7. Ducati Service

    Hi - I'm trying to get together a list of service options. I've had good and bad experiences at different place - so has everyone - this isn't to bash on anyone specific. It seems like you can get great customer service and crap mechanical or great mechanical but crap customer service ! The...
  8. Shipped to U.S. from Italy?

    Ducati Discussion
    I had purchased a passenger seat cowl for a 2011 848evo roughly 6 weeks ago from Williamsville Ducati, the nearest dealer to my location in Buffalo, New York. Service at the store is always excellent, the technicians are knowledgeable, but I have yet to see the part I'd ordered and am beginning...
  9. 848 Service - Time Vs Km's

    Hi guys, I went out and bought a 2008 model 848 with 5900km's in March this year. I have not ridden it since buying it in March as I am still tracking an RS125 until I get my full licence in August. My question is as follows: Now after looking at the service book I have noticed that the bike...
  10. Service/workshop manual advice pls

    As the proud new owner of a very mistreated 2002 750ss I immediately purchased the Hynes Ducati 91-05 Manual. It covers a lot of bikes and a lot of years so its by necessity very vague. So I called Ducati to order a service/workshop manual hoping to get something with more depth and was...