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  1. Street Fighter
    hi guys I need service manual for my ducati streetfighter 848 and i cant find it :( , can you help me anyone for that problem? and one more question, if you know is the same manuals and usable 2008 ducati supersport 848 for my 2013 ducati ftreetfighter 848, because I have service manual of 2008...
  2. Technical
    Good afternoon, everyone. I apologize in advance for my English , I am from Russia and we have big problems with the ducati service My motorcycle is a streetfighter 848 I love it and want to keep it in good condition and fully serviced But the nearest official service is 1000 miles from my city...
  3. Street Fighter
    2013 sf848 Sadly I took off without removing my disk lock.. Bent the rotor slightly and now my right caliper pistons are being pushed back every rotation... If anyone has an oem rotor available or know of a decently priced site, I would appreciate it if you lmk. Thanks for your time
1-3 of 3 Results