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  1. 2007 1098S engine stops when I shift from Neutral to first gear

    Hi Guys, I just bought a Ducati 1098s and i have been having issues sometimes when I shift from neutral to first gear, the engine stops even when i have my side stand up. Please advice? Thank you.
  2. Engine dies when shifted from N to 1. Not the kick stand switch. ideas?

    I have a 749s 2003 bike. When I go from neutral to 1, it jumps and dies like i do not have the clutch pulled in even when I do. Looks like the plates are moving in and out but jumps forward and dies everytime. When I try and shift directly to 2, it grinds. Any suggestions are much appreciated.
  3. Need left side body fairing and shift lever

    Felt like a real ass tonight hitting some black ice and dropping one of my best friends. (my 848). Anyhow I bent the shift lever and need a new one. Any shift lever will do. The body fairing is also messed up so looking for one in black matte. Would really appreciate any help on finding a good...
  4. 2008 1098 Clutch Issue

    I have been riding my bike since I bought it in 08 and this is the 3rd time my clutch has gotten air in the cable or fluid in it. The bike is now in the shop after it broke down on the side of the interstate due to the battery dying and clutch not shifting out of gears. Two questions: the...