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  1. Shoei. LG

    Bike Gear
    Just sold my bike no need for this any more Shoei LG size (has a GoPro ) mount on the chin won't come off I epoxy it to make sure it will stay in place. 430$. you pay shipping
  2. Upgraded to a Shoei!!!

    I ordered the matte black Shark Speed-R from Helmetcity.com On Saturday. I got a phone call monday from a gentleman named Kyle from helmet city saying that it was out of stock and i would have to wait or he would cut me a deal on another one to make up for it. I told him i would look through...
  3. Left over Ducati Items and SHOEI Discounted

    For Sale/Wanted
    Ive got a few things im still trying to get to a good home Please shoot me a text or call 813 418 9052 or email [email protected] Lets make a Deal or Trade I will Ship on your dime. 848 1098 1198 Everything you see is listed on TAMPA BAY craigslist i have included posting ID#...
  4. Thinking about buying the new Nitek helmet. Does anybody know anything about them?

    They are about 400.00 and look awesome. But are they any good? Do you know anything about them? Jon Robert Quinn Global | Zox Helmets Torc Helmets Nitek Helmets Daytona Helmets