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  1. 821 Frame and Axle Sliders

    Ducati Monster 821
    What frame and axle sliders are you using? Having a hard time finding them especially the frame sliders for the 821! Pics would be awesome!!!
  2. Rizoma rear Hub cover with Pitbull rear stand??

    1199 Panigale
    Hello all, I have searched and googled with no luck. Any help is appreciated. I have the Rizoma Rear hub axle slider for the Panigale and I have the Pitbull front and rear stands. The rear pin was swapped out to a 30mm pin to fit nicely into the Rizoma rear slider. BUT I feel like the bike is...
  3. Panigale Sliders etc

    1199 Panigale
    Hi Everyone, I'm taking delivery of my first DUC next friday, 2013 Panigale R, a dream come true ! I plan to ride it on the street but also on track days. I'd like to add a few protection items to help in case of drop or fall (frame sliders etc.) but I'm not sure what/where the panigale needs...