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  1. Ducati Monster 821
    What frame and axle sliders are you using? Having a hard time finding them especially the frame sliders for the 821! Pics would be awesome!!!
  2. Monster
    I got PSR frame sliders for my 620, but there were no instruction manual in the box, any guidance on how to install it?
  3. For Sale/Wanted
    STM bar end sliders for your 848, 1x98 or other bike. These are off my 1198s. $20 including shipping CONUS, they are in fine shape.
  4. For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a set of Speedy Moto internal frame sliders that will fit your Ducati 848 or 1x98. These go for $149 new and these are perfect. $80 including shipping CONUS and they are yours!
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    FS: 1098 OEM rider & passenger rearsets, CF Closed Clutch cvr, Weighted bar-ends For Sale - considering reasonable offers. OEM Passenger Pegs - removed at purchase new condition OEM rearset & Pegs - removed at purchase new condition (cf heel guards not included) OEM clutch cover and...
  6. 848
    just bought a 11' 848evo dark need advise on double bubble windscreen sliders , rearsets as fixed peg slider thx
  7. 1098/1198
    So I want to protect my newly acquired SF 1098. I saw these on ebay and looks wise they dont hurt. Im wondering about performance.:stickpoke Anyone dealt with Delrin Carbon material before? or suggestions?
  8. Street Fighter
    Hello everyone, looking into frame sliders for my new SF1098. Came across nice looking ones on this ebay site - with decent looks. What do you experienced guys think? Ever heard of Delrin Carbon material or any recommendations? :stickpoke
  9. Supersport
    Just bought a 2001 900 ss Nuda. What spools or sliders should I get for a maintenance stand? It doesn't look as if there is a stand that will safely facilitate removing the rear wheel when the time comes.
1-9 of 10 Results