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  1. Termi Slip on 749 without changing mid/link pipe?

    Hi All, I just picked up a Termignoni Slip on from a bike that was wrecked ridiculously cheap, and have put it onto my 2004 749 without changing the Mid/Link pipe over as the one from the bike I got it from was bent. So it is running one Cat on the front cylinder. I have ridden it for about...
  2. Just bought my Monster 821! Should I get a Termignoni exhaust? Can it get any better?

    Ducati Monster 821
    I just bought my first Ducati, its a beautiful Monster 821. I test drove the 821 and the 1200, though I chose the 821 because the sound from the exhaust sounds so much nicer than the 1200 (both stock, of course). Everyone is telling me to buy the slip-on Termignoni exhaust. I really want to...
  3. Still Stalling...

    Hello everybody, I've recently bought a used 07 ducati 1098 and is having some major stalling issues. It only stalls when the engine is warmed up. It idles at 1300 to 1350. Its got an aftermarket slip on with stock ecu. It stalls at idle or coming to a stop or stopped everytime... Here...
  4. FS Termignoni slip-ons

    For Sale/Wanted