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  1. 848
    So I bought a 2009 Ducati 848 out of an auction with a missing dash/speedometer I bought a new one that came off of an evo. It also came with the ecu, ignition, and the ring that comes around the ignition. The bike still won’t turn over. Do I have to get the ecu flashed to the bike?
  2. 848
    Hi guys, my 2008 Ducati 848 just started to have this problem in the past week. When I was cruising around 35 mph and get on throttle, the speed displayed on the dash jumps to 150 mph or even faster. Clearly, I was not riding that fast. Also, When I roll off the throttle, it does the same...
  3. How-tos
    Im having trouble with toggling through my speedometer. I really dont know how to set the time, or how to display how much fuel i have left etc. please respond back to me. first time owning a 2009 848 ducati
  4. Street Fighter
    The SPEEDO is BROKEN. I asked the dealer and the price his high. I found it in aftermarket in USA It will work at my motorcycle( Europe version)? At russia forum people tell that I need only new thanks
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    I had a 749s with 'smashed' dash which prevented it from starting. I ordered this dash from Ebay... but I got 'code' error because it was not virgin apparently.. So i plugged in the old dash - and it worked :) Took case from this one. This is still a "new" dash, minus the case (back half of...
  6. Ducati Discussion
    hi guys.. I bought a 1098 s bike from england. its speedometer shows MPH(miles) but i want to see the speed in Km(Kilometers).. Can i do this and how? Thank you!!
1-6 of 6 Results