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  1. Parts
    Selling a few extras from my 2012 848 EVO Sargent Seat: Was on the bike for approximately 50 miles before I sold it, like brand new: SOLD to billytruong SpeedyMoto through frame underbody slider, brand new: SOLD to billytruong 848 EVO passenger pegs, new condition, never used them: $100 shipped
  2. Parts
    Selling my Speedymoto clutch components, all prices are shipped: Grey 10-spoke cover, SOLD Red pressure plate, $80 Grey keepers, stainless springs and bolts, $15
  3. Ducati Discussion
    I'm looking at purchasing a ducati monster 659. I am quite tall (6"2) so I was wondering if anyone knew of an bar risers out there for the 659? Also, would I need any extra cables? I'm looking at the speedymoto clip on but am unsure if I'll need other cables than my stock. Please help a novice :)
  4. For Sale/Wanted
    F/S: speedymoto rear axle socket 1098/1198--SOLD Sold my bike so I no longer need this. I used it once. $35+shipping.--SOLD
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    Here is the Speedy Moto Upper Triple Clamp known as the "Gull Wing" . It will get your clip ons up 3/4" from stock. Add this to the Speedy Moto clip-ons and you can get the bars up about 1-1/2" from stock, big difference. This will work on your 848 or 1x98. Buy it I wont tell your woman...
  6. For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a set of Speedy Moto internal frame sliders that will fit your Ducati 848 or 1x98. These go for $149 new and these are perfect. $80 including shipping CONUS and they are yours!
  7. 848
    Hey guys, in regards with levers and rearsets, i just wanted to get some solid reviews on these brands. I understand that certain brands are stronger towards specific parts, i would also love to hear these opinions. Thanks in advance!!
  8. For Sale/Wanted
    Sorry, guys. This posting for the bracket and sprocket is not valid. I sold both items. Thank you!
1-8 of 9 Results