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  1. Technical
    I want to change the chain and sprockets on my 2007 monster 695. I'm having trouble getting the retaining plate from the front sprocket off of the shaft from the gearbox. The manual says to simply remove this plate from the shaft, but mine just won't come off. My best guess is that the plate...
  2. Ducati Discussion
    Good day to all, I have a 99 748s and I have an STM quick change carrier and sprocket. a few nights ago I was changing my sprocket and as I was tightening the last bolt to the specified nM the stud simply broke. I am trying to see if anyone may be able to guide me in the right direction of...
  3. 848
    I understand a lot of riders replace their sprockets. Whatever the reason...color change, design, material (lighter), tooth ratio, etc. So where are all the stock sprockets once they've been replaced. I'm looking for someone who wants to sell their stock OEM "REAR" sprocket for my 2012 848 EVO.
  4. 999/749
    What gearing are you guys running on those 749? I love my mid-range but haven't found that magical recipe just yet. Any suggestions?
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    This is a NEW Driven quick-change 525 sprocket 41 teeth (stock is 39) +2 (Obviously you need an AFAM quick change carrier) I normally sell my stuff on eBay but thought I would give this forum a shot. Over the next few hours I will be listing some quite nice stiff at some pretty ridiculous...
  6. For Sale/Wanted
    Sorry, guys. This posting for the bracket and sprocket is not valid. I sold both items. Thank you!
1-6 of 6 Results