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    Hello , I have a 2003 ST2 that has stopped running. I was on a ride, then it missed a couple of times, backfired then stopped. I have checked fuses & relays but there is no spark.. I would take it to a mechanic but thats a 1500km round trip.. Any ideas on where to check next.
  2. How-tos
    Hi, I have a Cagiva Elefant fitted with a ST2 944ie motor and loom. I bought the cable to connect the bike to my laptop over USB, and I understand there is free software available that allows to reads faults and settings in the bike's ECU. Does anyone know how all this works? - is there...
  3. Sport Touring
    Hello All, I found a 98 ST2 yellow 28,500 miles, very good condition, new battery, 50% tires, and new voltage regulator for $1595 sell price. This seems too good to be true I already did a search for this question and was unable to find anything in these forums. All articles on the web...
  4. Sport Touring
    All, I would really appreciate your input into potential reasons that my friction zone changes while I'm riding. When I start up my 1998 ST2, I get engagement when the clutch lever is about half-way out. But while I'm riding, it will sometimes change to getting engagement from about 3/4 to fully...
  5. Sport Touring
    Just started riding and I am proud to have a Ducati as my first! I think I got a good deal - 17k miles, 1 owner, no damage, great price. Previous owner tried to jump it with a car battery and apperently fried something. I have no clue what it is but upon prelim testing we think it might be...
1-5 of 5 Results