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  1. For Sale/Wanted
    Ive got a few things im still trying to get to a good home Please shoot me a text or call 813 418 9052 or email [email protected] Lets make a Deal or Trade I will Ship on your dime. 848 1098 1198 Everything you see is listed on TAMPA BAY craigslist i have included posting ID#...
  2. For Sale/Wanted
    SOLD- please delete are in great shape. make me an offer. I can't sell them locally because there are few ducs here. The rear is the axle type and the front is forklift style. Shipping costs me about $35 for west coast and $65 for East Coast for one stand. Hawaii shipping costs $120ish...
  3. Canada
    Hi guys, im looking to buy exactly what the title says if anyone is selling. Thought i might look to see if i can save a few buck by buying it used before i go straight to dealership. thanks guys!!
  4. For Sale/Wanted
    I bought this stand to replace a broken one, used it once and then sold the 848 so I could buy the new Daytona 675R which takes a spool stand. Not a scratch. Wheels arent even marked up. Was $160 New. Will sell it for $110 plus shipping. No Negotiation please. Pay Pal only. Please respond to...
1-4 of 4 Results