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  1. Ducati Discussion
    So i got a 2012 Panigale 1199 on 4/30/22 from a guy in NC. He told me it wouldn't start and that the tech who last worked on it (two days before i got it) had said that it could be a valve adjusted wrongly or the compression is low. I have not seen or heard any indication towards either of those...
  2. Ducati Monster 696
    I have a 2010 696 with a two year old battery. Recently stared having odd issue. When I try to start it all the normal dash lights come on but when I try to start I get nothing. I turn it off for a few seconds and try again and it starts, but all of the electronics are reset. Clock, trip...
  3. 848
    Hey guys I started having starting issues with my bike where the bike won't even crank over unless I give it some throttle and finesse it. Once the starter clicks it comes to life, but I need to give it throttle in order for the whole starting process to begin. I tried to replace the battery...
  4. Monster
    So I just got an '08 monster 1000 (11k mi) and for the first few days every thing was great. I rode it for about 6 hours total with multiple starts and stops no problem... until yesterday. I had just been riding for half an hour, turned it off for about 15min, came back and it wouldn't start...
  5. 848
    Please help me!! So my bike starts up fine when I go to first ride, and after turning it off, when I go to restart it, it sounds like it is going to start but doesn't fully catch, does anyone have a solution??
  6. Technical
    Hi all. I have a 2007 1098s and it will not start. Here is what has happened. It was starting OK but slow as most 1098s seem to do. One day it tried to turn over, failed and now will only click once when I press the start button. The battery is good. I had it checked and it gets between 12.4...
  7. 999/749
    Ok, here goes. I'm in dire need of assistance right now... I have a 2006 Ducati 999 Base model with 8,000 miles. Termignoni Half Exhaust, and Ducati Performance clutch plate. High-Cap Battery cable mod. Also, a Shorai 18A battery. Those are the only mods. This bike has had a myriad of...
  8. For Sale/Wanted
    brother left me a 2008 1198 and so far we cant locate any owners manuel or oem pamphlet...nothing.....he passed 18 months ago and now i just want it running.have key and when i turn on bike, it goes into a lock mode.any way i can reprogram this code?.....bypass?....plkease help me
1-8 of 9 Results