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  1. Parts
    For Sale OE steering damper from a 2008 1098, used about 1 year/1500 miles then stored since 2009. Will consider any reasonable offer, buyer pays shipping from DFW TX.
  2. 1199 Panigale
    Hey guys. Recently put the Panigale through a "light" low side slide on its left side. I cried, I fixed the plastic, all is better now, sorta... It feels like the turn to the left ever since has been a little soft. Feels different from my other bikes. (R6 and an Aprilia RSV1000). Wondering if my...
  3. Ducati Discussion
    here is one I made myself...
  4. Technical
    Here's what I have going on: Riding my '05 749D and each time I corner right either slowly like turning at an intersection or at highway speed the steering pulls hard right as if the bike wants to fall into the turn. Turning left is normal. I have seen one article online that this may be due...
  5. For Sale/Wanted
    1098 Ohlins Damper Uploaded with ImageShack.us $300 Shiped ono
  6. 916/996/998/748
    I have a 2002 998 and the steering seems to not be pefectly lined up when going straight. When I take the pressure off the bars it tracks straight as a arrow. Also when I bought the bike the back tire has been burnt down so there is a large flat spot so I'm not sure if this has anything to do...
  7. 848
    So I have been riding on city streets and on the highway and noticed my front wheel feels a little unsure at times. Id I turn back to look to switch lanes and the front wheel feels wobbly and unsure. I was riding tonight and hit a minor bump and it felt like I almost lost control and was only...
  8. 916/996/998/748
    Hi all I recently had my Ohlins sterring damper stolen off my 996 SPS :mad: I am now trying to source a new (/used) one, and I am keen to understand Ohlins' model number system. Anyone know what Ohlins damper model number(s) would be appropriate for a 996? i.e. SDxxxx Thanks, Naran
1-8 of 8 Results