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  1. WTB: Ducati 848/1x98 undertail

    I broke a tab on mine and the tail now shows some gap. interested in making an offer if anyone has an undertail lying around or wish to sell. thanks
  2. OEM 848 Parts FS

    For Sale/Wanted
    For sale are some OEM parts of my 848. Will ship flat rate, but cost goes to buyer. Cans-$150 Windscreen-$30 (sold) Tail lights-$20 Heat shield-$10 Heel guards-$10 PM, Call or text 281 978 0631
  3. Bunch of new and near new OEM 1X98 parts!

    For Sale/Wanted
    Finally got around to taking pics of my OEM 1198 parts that I either a) replaced before I road the bike or b) replaced within a few hundred miles of having the bike. Parts would be shipped from New Jersey... let me know if you're interested! **SOLD*** OEM REAR PLATE BRACKET BLINKERS - $30 -...