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  1. Technical
    Original silencer for Ducati 848 2008 I am in need of a spare pair of original silencer for my Ducati 848 2008. When looking in the spare part catalog I notice that there are differences in the article numbering depending on the year. There is one set of number for the 2008 and two set for...
  2. For Sale/Wanted
    I replaced my Stock "Lightweight 2-1-2 system with catalytic converter and lambda probe. Twin stainless steel mufflers " with a full Akrapovic exhaust awhile ago and dont need this lieing around any longer. It was on the bike for one season and has no visibile wear and tear and very few miles...
  3. 848
    My ONLY complaint about my 848 is the lack of being able to see behind me, as I have a broad shouldered build, and I can't see out of the mirrors to save my life. I'd love to get some recommendations about what to do? I see 2" and have even seen some 3" mirror extenders, but not sure if I...
1-3 of 3 Results