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  1. Street Fighter
    Good afternoon guys/gals! New Ducati Owner here, I'm a proud owner of a 2010 Ducati Streetfighter (Non S Model) I bought the bike from copart and plan to rebuild it, (Photo attached). And I had a couple of questions regarding the Panigale Tail Conversion. I come from a good number of jap...
  2. Street Fighter
    I recently picked up an ultra-low mile 2010 SFS. The engine has a knock that is intermittent. The knock is there if the bike has any lean to it. If it is vertical, it goes away. Anyone ever experienced something like this? While testing the bike, I did not notice the knock but had the bike...
  3. How-tos
    I want to use Ducati Streetfighter tank and fuel pump om my Multistrada 1000DS Engine. Electronics, harness and Everything else is 1000DS. When connecting the SF fuel pump I get EFI error code 7.1 Fuel sensor short-circuit to battery +. How can I make this work? What is missing?
  4. Street Fighter
    Has Ducati stopped making the 1090 Streetfighter S? If so, what year was the last model made?
  5. Street Fighter
    hey I have a 2011 streetfighter S 1098 im just wondering what the best alarm system for it would be if price didn't matter
  6. Street Fighter
    hey i just got a streetfighter S 1098 and i bought it in january its been sitting in a garage untill yesterday march 29 i started it up and was letting it warm up for about 15min then the engine just cut out and it just stopped, the fuel light was on so i put gas into it and it started up and...
1-6 of 6 Results