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  1. Rear Shock loose

    Hey, Just starting to get my head wrapped around the 848 Evo and gave it a first wash the other day...in the process I noticed some play in the rear suspension. I didn't feel anything when riding, but still new to the bike. It has some small movement clockwise/counter clockwise. Usual...
  2. 899 suspension problem???

    The other day I came to a red light under a somewhat hard stop and I heard a "clang" sound (similar to running over a metal grate) as the front of my bike dipped slightly down and to the left. I'm not very familiar with suspension setup but I pulled over and checked the brakes and suspension and...
  3. Andreani Front Forks?

    Ducati Monster 821
    Anybody have Andreani Misano Fork Cartridge Kit on their Monster? My 2015 Monster 821 can be a little choppy in the corners when the road isn't smooth. Stock suspension in the front is fixed, Ohlins are not available yet (at least I haven't found them), and I'm looking to upgrade. Reviews of...
  4. FS: Ohlins Shock Spring Changing Tool

    Lightly used, Kyle Racing Adjustable Spring Changing Tool For Ohlins Shocks in excellent condition. Shock & springs not included, obviously. $340 + shipping
  5. Can't budge the rear suspension rings

    I have tried to adjust the rear sag but can not move the top ring at all.
  6. Suspension and brake setup for sale near new!!

    For Sale/Wanted
    hey guys and girls for sale full "complete" rear brake system brembo gold comes with everything you see , A1 condition should fit most superbikes 1700km use. MAKE AND OFFER!!!! :)