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  1. 1098/1198
    like the title says. For anyone who knows the service manual and the forks. I've got a used 1098 and not stupid enough to expect the dealer to have done anything, especially seeing as the tyres were 10psi off where they should be. I count 9 clicks in each fork but the manual says the factory...
  2. 848
    Hey, Just starting to get my head wrapped around the 848 Evo and gave it a first wash the other day...in the process I noticed some play in the rear suspension. I didn't feel anything when riding, but still new to the bike. It has some small movement clockwise/counter clockwise. Usual...
  3. 899
    The other day I came to a red light under a somewhat hard stop and I heard a "clang" sound (similar to running over a metal grate) as the front of my bike dipped slightly down and to the left. I'm not very familiar with suspension setup but I pulled over and checked the brakes and suspension and...
  4. Ducati Monster 821
    Anybody have Andreani Misano Fork Cartridge Kit on their Monster? My 2015 Monster 821 can be a little choppy in the corners when the road isn't smooth. Stock suspension in the front is fixed, Ohlins are not available yet (at least I haven't found them), and I'm looking to upgrade. Reviews of...
  5. Parts
    Lightly used, Kyle Racing Adjustable Spring Changing Tool For Ohlins Shocks in excellent condition. Shock & springs not included, obviously. $340 + shipping
  6. Technical
    I have tried to adjust the rear sag but can not move the top ring at all.
  7. For Sale/Wanted
    hey guys and girls for sale full "complete" rear brake system brembo gold comes with everything you see , A1 condition should fit most superbikes 1700km use. MAKE AND OFFER!!!! :)
1-7 of 8 Results