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  1. Ducati Discussion
    The official termignoni website says this model would fit my bike TERMIGNONI D21409440ITC. I've seen this being sold only on ebay. Now the question is are these authentic on ebay? or are these knock offs. Don't wanna lose money. Any suggestions would help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi guys, I just bought my first bike (Monster 821 Stripe) and found a good deal on Termigoni slip-on. The product code on the slip-ons is 96410431A (96410441A). It also says 'For Race use only'. 1. Does this mean that I own the 'older version' of the Termignoni exhausts for your Ducati Monster...
  3. 959 Panigale
    Hi there! Hope all is well! I'm wondering whether WSBK Termignoni exhaust fits 959 Panigale as I know that many exhausts are interchangeable among 1299, 1199, 899 and 959. Thank you!
  4. Wanted
    somebody sale Termignoni for 748 ??? thanks
  5. 999/749
    Hi All, I just picked up a Termignoni Slip on from a bike that was wrecked ridiculously cheap, and have put it onto my 2004 749 without changing the Mid/Link pipe over as the one from the bike I got it from was bent. So it is running one Cat on the front cylinder. I have ridden it for about...
  6. Bikes
    Ducati 999r Superbike | eBay 2005 999r too much to list here hit the ebay link or my instagram shaunw5
  7. United Kingdom
    I'm looking to do a track day at Oulton Park but they have a 105db limit and i've no idea how loud my 848 is with termi slip-ons, has anyone had theres tested? Cheers
  8. Sport Classic
    Hi Here's my new baby. Not the best photo, but you can just make out that the end of the Termis are darker than the rest of the slip-ons. Anyone know why, and how do I get the whole pipe the same color? I don't want to damage the Termi sticker at end if it can be helped. Thanks for any suggestions.
1-8 of 8 Results