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  1. Termignoni 57mm symmetric exhaust system 999 + ECU

    Hi everyone! I sell my complete Termignoni exhaust system (diameter 57 mm) in excellent conditions. This is the symmetric model with round tubes and titanium silencer. This exhaust was born to fit on the 999r second generation, but it fits also on 999 and 999s with deep sump and black...
  2. Termignoni Race Up-Map

    Ducati Monster 821
    Hi guys, Quick question to those who have fitted the termis on their M821 with the up-map. Does the up-map come configured for the OEM air filter (in which I would need a tune for a DNA filter), or is it configured for air-filter mods? Thank you in advance for any help! Cheers
  3. WTB Termignoni Exhaust for my Monster 821

    Ducati Monster 821
    Hi guys, I'm new here and just got my Monster 821 last week, and loving it so far. The bike rides great and sounds awesome, but after moving from a Termignoni 1098, it feels like it needs an upgrade. Been hard looking for a Termignoni system but it definitely sounds awesome. Hook me up if you...
  4. Monster 821 Termi race slip ons

    Ducati Monster 821
    Still have my Termignoni race slip ons if anyone is interested. Bought them just this past February and although they are cool as hell, I really have my heart set on a full Akra system. The slip ons are in perfect condition with very low miles on them - I think about 1500. The only thing not...
  5. XDiavel termignoni mod

    Hi all, I just installed the new termignoni kit onto my XDiavel and wow ! What a significant difference it has made to the sound, it actually sounds like a Ducati now �� I haven't had it re- mapped yet, will hopefully get this done later on this week and Hopelfuly notice some power...
  6. FOR SALE: Full Termignoni for Monster S4R

    Full termingnoni exhaust for 07 Monster S4R. It may fit other models but you need to determine that. Whats included: All increased diameter pipe sections back to the engine. Two carbon fiber exhaust cans, baffle inserts, springs, mounting hardware, modified air box cover and hi flow air...
  7. 999 parts

    I have a Sargent front seat, a red rear seat, full color service manual all in excellent condition. I have used battery box with heat shield, original front sprocket, original clutch master cylinder and ECU for Termignoni exhaust from my 2003 999. Sold the bike, buyer never came back for these...
  8. Just bought my Monster 821! Should I get a Termignoni exhaust? Can it get any better?

    Ducati Monster 821
    I just bought my first Ducati, its a beautiful Monster 821. I test drove the 821 and the 1200, though I chose the 821 because the sound from the exhaust sounds so much nicer than the 1200 (both stock, of course). Everyone is telling me to buy the slip-on Termignoni exhaust. I really want to...
  9. 1098 termi slip ons complete kit

    Selling my 1098 termignoni complete slip on kit, bought new. Includes Race ECU & filter, O2 delete, brackets, springs, adapter pipes, and unused silencer inserts. <10K miles on them. SOLD
  10. Ducati 1198 termignoni cans/akrapovic pipes

    Good day guys. I'm fairly new to this forum so my future apologies for my lack of knowledge. But I have a question that's been burning for a while now. I am currently looking for an exhaust to fit on my 1198. Now I know that some people would think the termis are a no brainer. The cans are...
  11. 1198 Termignoni Carbon Slip Ons - NEW

    ***FIRST $1,000 TAKES THEM*** I have an unopened Termignoni Carbon Fiber Slip On exhaust system for the 1198. Listed on ebay, but will sell direct via paypal if anyone makes me an offer immediately. Need the cash, sold the bike before I ever installed. I bought these for $1800 about 6...
  12. looking for termis

    For Sale/Wanted
    Anybody got any termi for 848 evo for sale
  13. $250 Ducati Evo Corse Termignoni ecu

    For Sale/Wanted
    Hey guys, I purchased a pari of termini slip-on for my 2013 848 Evo. However I purchased the New Style slip-on for 848 evo Corse. I am selling the Race ECU for the 848 Corse Model. (Brand New) This will be great if you do not want to flash over your factory Corse ECU with aftermarket slip-on...
  14. Feeler: Full 70mm Termi's

    For Sale/Wanted
    For Sale: Full Termi Exhaust 1098S **No Longer a Feeler -- Now For Sale, asking $1,350 plus shipping** I am selling my 2008 1098S with under 3,000 miles and I am kicking around the idea of removing my full old style termi exhaust (includes, ECU and filter) and selling it separately. I'd put...
  15. 1098 with Termi slipons cold start.

    This is my new bike, just bought it few days ago. Termignoni slip ons - TSE ECU as you can see, i must reflash it i know, but still, i have some questions. I just changed the battery with a brand new Yuasa ytx12b-bs (like spec) My questions: 1. does it crank heavily or i m just used to my...
  16. Termignoni exhaust for Ducati Monster - BIG DISCOUNT

    For Sale/Wanted
    We sell Termignoni exhaust that are for Ducati Monster. The exhaust is made of carbon fiber, slip-on. We also have the conection pipes and fiber carbon protection. The price is 370 us dollars or 300 euros. For any question fell free to contact us. Also we have other Ducati parts ... Can...
  17. My 848 Evo - Termi, Carbon etc...

    Hi fellow Ducatisti, just wanna share some pictures and experiences with you :drummer: So I got myself the 2011 848 Evo in white / red, fell in love with her at the first sight. And boy it is a lot of fun. First season last year was very interesting because this is my first Ducati / V2 ever...
  18. 1098 Termignoni full system exhaust

    1098 Termignoni full system exhaust, ecu, air filter Has about a 700 miles on it, perfect shape. mounted by ducati certified tech and dissasembled by ducati certified tech asking $2000, negotiable includes ed all bolts, springs, hardware... original packaging
  19. Looking to buy Termi (new style db killers)

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a set of termignoni new style for my 1098. If you have a pair lying around, do drop me and email with your asking price. slash cut style which looks like this http://i610.photobucket.com/albums/tt190/tony2wheels/termi.jpg I will transfer funds via PayPal. I will also...
  20. low mount to high mount..monster 1000sie

    has any one done a low mount to high mount mod to an 02 1000sie? or is there a kit you can buy?? im in adelaide an im looking to do this mod. can anyone suggest some good budget cans.:bandit: