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timing belt

  1. Bike stalled today, won't start... Timing belt???

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I usually just browse, but my bike quit on me on my way to work today and I'm pretty sure it's bad news. I bought the bike this spring, a 2008 1098 with 994 miles on it. The previous owner said he just did an oil change before selling it to me. Only mod is termi slip...
  2. Timing belt replacement

    I have a SportClassic 1000 and live in Plettenberg Bay, Western Cape. It's overdue for timing belt replacement. The job looks a bit tricky from what I see online, especially the tensioning. Can anyone recommend a good dealer in my area who can do the work?
  3. Can I re-use 748 cam belts? Heresy! Witchcraft!

    I know some of you might say they have to be changed out with new ones, but at the two year mark have any of you re-used the same belts? or removed your head/ and popped back on the same ones? My search was mostly re-using the Fuji nuts. (which I won't) When I first did a belt change roughly...
  4. Timing Belt and Valves - Wisconsin Do-It-Yourselfers

    Is there anyone in the Wisconsin area that has experience with changing out your own timing belts and performing the valve adjustment/tuning for an 1198 (or similar model)? I really would like to learn from someone and eventually do this myself, but I don't want to learn it from the world of...