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  1. Parts
    I have a set of AMG wheels and tires for the Diavel. These were only available when you bought an AMG and were not an aftermarket item. They don't appear for sale very often. They have a nearly new set of tires mounted and balanced (Bridgestome T30 Front and Diablo Rossi Rear). They also have a...
  2. Ducati Monster 821
    What is the preferred front/rear tire pressure for long life and comfort ride? What is the preferred method of chain tension check and tightening?
  3. 848
    Hi guys, I just found a nail poking out of my stock SC rear tire. Ducati is going to charge me $300 + service for the tire, but I've found ones for $200, so I'm probably going to order it online and have it done at a local bike shop. Question now is: is it ok for me to get the supercorsa SP V2...
1-3 of 3 Results