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  1. 1098/1198
    This is my 2007 Ducati 1098 with 9000 km on street use, after which being converted in a track use only bike. now it got 12000 km. Bazzaz Fi, TC, QS Full 70mm Termignoni exhaust Base gearing 14/38 stock engine (not ported, no nothing). Stock 1098S fornt Forks Ohlins FG511 Ohlins TTX36 Carbon...
  2. United Kingdom
    I'm looking to do a track day at Oulton Park but they have a 105db limit and i've no idea how loud my 848 is with termi slip-ons, has anyone had theres tested? Cheers
  3. On the Track
    Come out to VIR and spend two days on-track with official Ducati Dealers and spectacular new Superbikes from Ducati. This event is open to all brands of motorcycles, so bring your bike and experience the thrill of VIR's North Course AND Full Course at one low price! Rider Groups available for...
  4. Northeast
    Track days... Who's going to any this spring/summer in the NE/tri-state area? If so what days might you be attending and what "schools"? I'm thinking about doing a few penguin racing track days, and maybe a NESBA track day or two. Anyone have experience with either group specifically at...
  5. 1199 Panigale
    Here's a video from a track day we did recently. Looking for other videos out there as well so post yours also
  6. 1199 Panigale
    So who's building a Panigale as a dedicated track beast?? What are you doing to it? Mine will be here this week and the trackification will begin immediately. I decided on a standard model without ABS as the starting point and will upgrade appropriately. Here's what I have sitting in a pile...
  7. For Sale/Wanted
    No longer availible for purchase No longer availible
  8. Gear
    Hi all I have just moved to California and one of my big dreams is to ride a Ducati around Laguna Seca. One half of that dream has come true with the delivery of my 1198! Now i am looking for two things. A great Track day Company and a race suit that fits me. The track day company I'm sure...
1-8 of 8 Results