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  1. Technical
    Hello All, I've been looking throughout the forms and cant seem to find anything matching what problems I'm dealing with. The Problems: 1. When I start my bike it will run for a couple seconds and then die. However, if i start it and then give it a little gas it will sometimes hesitate to rev...
  2. Ducati Discussion
    So i got a 2012 Panigale 1199 on 4/30/22 from a guy in NC. He told me it wouldn't start and that the tech who last worked on it (two days before i got it) had said that it could be a valve adjusted wrongly or the compression is low. I have not seen or heard any indication towards either of those...
  3. 899
    The other day I came to a red light under a somewhat hard stop and I heard a "clang" sound (similar to running over a metal grate) as the front of my bike dipped slightly down and to the left. I'm not very familiar with suspension setup but I pulled over and checked the brakes and suspension and...
  4. Ducati Discussion
    Alright guys... I'm thinking of adding an 1198 to the family, and so this questions only applies to current owners of an 1198. What DON'T you like about the 1198? Please feel free to list all the negatives you can think of. Thank you!!! :yo:
1-4 of 4 Results