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  1. WTB right handlebar tube for 848 evo

    For Sale/Wanted
    Like the title indicates I need a right handlebar. Would be interested in a set. I either pm or reply to this thread. Thanks
  2. FS Ducati OEM Throttle Tube and grips

    For Sale/Wanted
    Here is the throttle tube and grips off my 1198s. Will fit your 848 or 1x98. $20 shipped to you CONUS. If you dumped it you need it.
  3. FS Dan Kyle Throttle Tube 848 1x98

    For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a Dan Kyle throttle tube that is brand new and not used. $100 new yours for $50 including shipping CONUS. Buy it you know you want it. Fits your 848 or 1x98 Streetfighter etc. Throttle tube is a ONE piece billet machined Black anodized 6061 Aluminum. It is a "Snail" shape to give...
  4. ducati blues

    I picked up my 848 evo today and took it for a nice 30 mile ride right out the dealership. The ride was much more exciting and the handling O my the handling is so sweet. I'm happy I didn't purchase a 750 gsxr Now I get home and I find a tube of some sort hanging out underneath the bike near...