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  1. Australia
    Just finished re building my Ducati 1098s, bought second hand and basically ripped it down to frame and engine and did a major overhaul, including the motor.... took her to the track for a shakedown and everything seemed peachy for 3 sessions. On the way in on the third session, heapppps of...
  2. 1098/1198
    Hello everyone, I'm jumping from the Jap bikes into the Italian 2008 Ducati 1098! 8,400 Miles Arrow Cans Adjustable Rears Carbon Fiber (CF) Side Fairings CF Pipe Protector CF Rear Mud Flap Fairing I do have a question that I need some help on. The bike has 8,400 miles on it and the last owner...
  3. Technical
    HI guys. I need to do my valve adjustment soon and was wondering where you guys buy parts from at good prices. I am doing it my self if that helps. valve cover gaskets, spark plugs, belts, shims etc.. thank you!
  4. Technical
    2008 848 17,000 mi I've just put everything back together after a doing my valve adjustment and during idle the engine has gotten a lot louder from what I remember. The ticking sound is easily heard when you get close to each cylinder. My initial measurements showed the exhaust closers out of...
1-4 of 4 Results