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  1. Valve check and adjustment on a 1098 question, thank you!

    Hi Guys, My bike (Duc 1098s yr 2007) hit 12,000 km and I was wondering whether I should check the valves. I know that the service manual says around those km when they should be checked. I am mindful of the effort to check and costs also. Appreciate feedback on when did you bother checking the...
  2. 916 Low Compression

    Short Version: I did not do a valve adjustment correctly. During the follow up compression test, I heard a loud pop from the horizontal cylinder. I re-adjusted the valve clearances. The vertical cylinder reaches 90psi, no change in wet compression test. Horizontal cylinder has no compression...
  3. Stand for a Monster

    I'm going to be dropping my engine out of my 05 S2R 800 and I'm wondering what kind of stands I should be getting for this project ?