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  1. Technical
    Hey there everyone! I am currently working on a rebuild of my ducati 1098 engine that recently blew up. I am now currently trying to finish up the desmo service to slap it together, but i am running into a few worrying issues. My closer shims max out at 3.7mm on my kit, but when i put it...
  2. Technical
    Hi Guys, My bike (Duc 1098s yr 2007) hit 12,000 km and I was wondering whether I should check the valves. I know that the service manual says around those km when they should be checked. I am mindful of the effort to check and costs also. Appreciate feedback on when did you bother checking the...
  3. 916/996/998/748
    Short Version: I did not do a valve adjustment correctly. During the follow up compression test, I heard a loud pop from the horizontal cylinder. I re-adjusted the valve clearances. The vertical cylinder reaches 90psi, no change in wet compression test. Horizontal cylinder has no compression...
  4. Technical
    I'm going to be dropping my engine out of my 05 S2R 800 and I'm wondering what kind of stands I should be getting for this project ?
1-4 of 4 Results