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  1. HyperMotard
    Hello, New member here so hopefully I'm posting this in the right place, apologies if not. I've got a bit of an electrical drama with my bike (2009 Hypermotard 1100s) and I'm hoping someone might be able to confirm or deny my thinking. I was riding a few weeks ago, started getting a few...
  2. 848
    Just bought used 848 and after 300km it stopped charging. When I removed the fairings to see whats wrong I noticed that the wires from the alternator to voltage regulator were burned in two (Literally connector was charred and wires were melted off, maybe the wires were too close to the hot...
  3. 848
    Bike: 2009 Ducati 848 Symptoms: Engine struggles to start from cold start, headlight flickering, if headlight flickers then so does dash, cuts off at very low RPMs (not me w/ throttle&clutch) I let the Ducati dealer check the VIN and no recalls were found for my bike. I have found tons of...
1-3 of 3 Results