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  1. Technical
    I know there are ton's of topics already surrounding this but not quite answer my question. I've previously had water in my fuel line (Ducati Monster 797) from a pretty intense storm. Took it to the Ducati shop and they drained it for me (at quite a pretty penny). However, not too long after I...
  2. Technical
    First let me start by sayng ive used the search, however didnt find the answers i was looking for. So a few weeks back I laid down my bike and the water pump cover got some minor scratches. Now Ive noticed water/ coolant leaking from the upper left bolt area next to the outlet. I know that they...
  3. 848
    I picked up my 848 evo today and took it for a nice 30 mile ride right out the dealership. The ride was much more exciting and the handling O my the handling is so sweet. I'm happy I didn't purchase a 750 gsxr Now I get home and I find a tube of some sort hanging out underneath the bike near...
1-3 of 3 Results