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  1. Ducati Monster 821
    Hi All, New Ducati owner here! I've just taken delivery of my Monster 821,2017 and so far loving it! I bought a Puig 7013 windshield but the fitting instructions are not very clear. I've searched about to see if I could find any pictures or videos but nothing came up so I was wondering if...
  2. Parts
    I bought this Ducati Performance Touring Windscreen (Part # 97180131A) in December 2016 and installed it on my 2014 Monster 1200. I rode the bike with the windscreen for 3 weekends and just did not like the new airflow it created. Maybe it is the fact I am only 5'3" but this windscreen put too...
  3. For Sale/Wanted
    Here is a near perfect Zero Gravity Double Bubble wind screen. I can't really spot any flaws. Fits your 848 or 1x98 $45 including shipping CONUS.
1-3 of 4 Results