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  1. 848
    Just bought used 848 and after 300km it stopped charging. When I removed the fairings to see whats wrong I noticed that the wires from the alternator to voltage regulator were burned in two (Literally connector was charred and wires were melted off, maybe the wires were too close to the hot...
  2. Sport Classic
    Hi, I'm new on here. I own a 2007 Sportclassic 1000S. I'd be grateful for help. Under the seat is the wire feed plug and socket to the tank fuel pump. I inadvertently caught the male plug and the 4 wires came out. Blue, white, black, red. Please if you have a sportclassic and are able to lift...
  3. 1098/1198
    I picked up a well-used 1098 the other day which evidently has some issues... Firstly it struggles to start, and needs a bit of throttle and holding at a few thousand revs to keep running. I managed to ride it a few miles up the road to check the thing out, and there was no power or throttle...
1-3 of 3 Results