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0003 r.SW error code... What does this mean?

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Hi all. Experiencing an issue on start up. When I start the starter turns over maybe once then this error code 0003 r.SW comes up and the computer dose a total reset (trip meter and clock both get wiped) then usually I can restart the bike. This happens most mornings. I though it might be due to cold starts only. But two days ago I had it happen when the engine was still hot from a ride. Finished a quick shop went to turn it over and the starter didn't even just got error code 6 time in a row. Tried to push start with no luck. Hit the start button again and she came to life. Any help would be great.
Someone poster error 0002 r.SW and people were saying its "batter tender" what does 0003 stand for?

Thanks heaps if anyone can help.
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Sorry I only see this now, I was very disappointed that there was no response from the forum. Any way my problem was a combination of a false neutral together with a clutch lever switch not working. Sorted now.
I hate this high tech crap, which is why I got a 696, no ABS & rider modes, keep it simple & there is less to go wrong.
Hope you got your problem sorted.
The search function or google will give you plenty results. The main reason why it has not been answered.
Just reading your post now. Had same issue with early morning starting being difficult; starter not wanting to turn engine more than 1-2 turns. If cool outside might take me 10-15 minutes to get bike started. Also clock would need resetting & trip odometer lost all stored mileage. Ultimate problem was battery needed replaced. Bike had $200 lithium Shorai battery that crapped out. Not sure how old since I purchased bike used in Feb 2017 and this is what was in it but bike only had 805 miles on it when I bought it. Replaced lithium battery early May with Yuasa YT12B-BS battery and all issues disappeared, not to return. Hope this helps.
Had the same issue last year with the Error 0003 r.SW . I tried to start up my bike it was a clicking sound and then my display kinda restarted showing me the error 0003 r.SW. Changed the battery and the rectifier I think its called in english. And it fixed it ... for a year... now again the same shiiit with this crap error and the clicking sound when i try to ignite the Monster. I jumpstarted at took a short ride for 40 minutes, trying to recharge the battery but still nothing changed. Now I am waiting for my engineer to check on it and see if he can solve this issue.
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