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hi all,
I have an 04 Mulit that I just did the valve clearance service on. It ran perfect for about 20 miles, then I noticed a lot of back firing and popping back thru the TB's starting to occur that has gotten so bad I have stopped riding. Most information points to a lean condition, I pulled the plugs, they look good but the exhaust valve is orange from what I can see thru the SP hole. Anyone experience this?

Also, I have two goofs to confess. during the reassemble and start up, I crossed the fuel lines at the tank. I have the factory manual and from what I can tell it shouldn't cause a problem since the pressure regulator is in the tank. the second is, I missed connecting the front spark plug wire to the plug on one side and saw it arching to the cylinder. I shut the bike off and connected it and all seemed good.

Mods are:
high lift and duration cams.
race ECU.
PCIII usb.
Staintune exhaust.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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