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'06 Multistrada 1000DS S

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Location: San Francisco, CA

Link to more photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/pepes-studio/sets/72157648762072957/

Great bike, great ride, great legs, nimble, feisty, and fun. Comfortable long distance runner.


Here's the list of mods:
Hypermotard pegs
ASV Lever - black (best ever and big must)
Hepco-Becker top box plus HB rack (holds one full face helmet)
Zero Gravity Touring screen, tinted black
New All Balls Racing seals on Ohlins (a big must, Ohlins' stocks are weak)
Sargent saddle and passenger's seat
Center stand
Shorai battery (it's like she lost so much weight and starts up great)
Rear led lights with built in indicators, super bright!

Update: I've just installed Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder. Works great, easy pull, no more sore left forearm while riding in the city. (an additional photo of the clutch are in my flickr link)

Update: new tires install, awesome Michelin Pilot Road 3. New Chain and front sprocket installed as well. Just add new photos to my flickr library.

Here's the description:

Black and slender, suspension spot on. Top box rocks and does not ruin the look. ASV levers are awesome, full range adjustment, millions miles better than stocks and CRGs. Seats are comfy but not too comfy. I still have stock seats.

Follow all tune-up requirement. Oil changed at 12k and I used only Motul. Already did 12k tune up and still runs like an angry black cat. After the 12k tune-up, took 2 big trip, one to Eureka, CA and the other is a loop around the Sierra east of San Francisco (80 > 50 > 88 > 89 (Monitor's Pass, sweetness!) > 395 > 120 (boring 'till you hit Priest Grade section, sweetness again) > 580 > 80. She still runs great! Tires are still incredibly good. They're the awesome Michelin Pilot Roads. I'm still riding her and she's at 13500 miles (round up).

Have all tune-up receipts, recalls (she has a new tank now) paperwork, two black keys, red key + card, and clean title.

Never down, sheltered with roof (parking garage), and well-loved. :wink:

14,000 miles. Still counting though.

I have all original parts:
levers, seats, pegs, grab-rails, rear lights and indicators and windshield

Any questions? PM me.

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Still have it and still riding it.
bumpage! price update.
Thanks! I just cleaned her up yesterday. She's so much fun. ;)
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