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Hey there guys. I have decided to put my 09 1198 with 10,630 miles up for sale. I have owned the bike for only about 6 months. It's a wonderful bike, especially on the track (did one track day), but I guess I'm getting too old for the ergonomics of a Ducati Superbike for street riding. I think I've got it priced to sell quick. If I don't get any quick bites, it may get traded in on something else. I'm open to good offers. The bike is not 100% original. It's got aftermarket plastics with the team Marlboro racing graphics. I would guess at some point in it's life it had a gentle lay-over. There is no damage under the bodywork whatsoever.

When I got the bike, I changed the belts, spark plugs and checked the valve clearances (all were in spec).

It also has a plethora of aftermarket goodies. I'll try to list them all below, but will probably miss something:

- Bunches of carbon fiber bits
- New-style Termi pipes with race ECU
- Aftermarket rear sets
- Speedymoto Clutch and open cover
- Rizoma clear upper cam belt cover
- Speedymoto upper triple clamp and clip ons
- Rizoma billet grips
- Rizoma brake resevoirs
- ASV levers

It's a very clean and sharp bike that will give someone many smiles for years to come. Has Dunlop Q3's on it with at least half of their life left. I would do a bill of sale as the bank still holds the title, which I would of course have forwarded to the new buyer. Let me know of any questions. Oh yeah, bike is located in Central Illinois, near Champaign-Urbana. Thanks guys!


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