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Ok, this is a rear hub and axle for 1098/1198, Streetfighter (the bigger one)
Good condition comes with the all too rare disk spikes.
Comes as you see here. If you don’t see it, it’s not going to be in the box when you open it.
I bought this on eBay before I knew that the 848 hub was different from the 1098/1198.
Its straight, the bearings are good – ready to go
I normally sell my stuff on eBay but thought I would give this forum a shot. Over the next few hours I will be listing some quite nice stiff at some pretty ridiculous prices. I am NOT a business, just a guy selling some parts. If you want to check out my feedback on eBay, my username is philip-gareth-thomas.
On eBay, the axles go for $200 and the hub $150 plus a bunch of shipping.
You can have mine for $250 + $20 shipping (this is a bargain, please do not ask me to separate them)
If no-one wants it, it goes on eBay.
I prefer PayPal but we can work out any other reasonable payment method.
I live in Watertown MA and you are free to come and see it or pick it up at no charge.
My name is Philip and my email is [email protected]
When it sells, I will note as such on the thread.
Any questions?

Many thanks Philip . . . .
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