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1098 gear shifting problems!

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Hey guys was riding along today bike was running perfect, went to change down coming into an intersection and bamm wouldn't down change nor Change up the gear shifter is still working fine eg recentering itself just no gears there, nike on or bike off no diffrent won't change gear, when I start it and pull clutch right in and try to down shift it makes a grinding sound, sounds as if it's trying to get into gear but its grinding, any ideas as to what this will be !? And what sort of cost am I looking at if it goes to the shop !? Newzealand $
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Welcome to the Forum Dan.

This is a fairly common occurrence with some of these bikes, as I'm sure you have read during your research.

It sounds like the shift mechanism behind the alternator side crank case cover has become misaligned and is jammed up. If you're familiar with the engine and a little mechanically inclined you can fix it yourself. If not, you probably will want to take it to the shop. As far as cost at a shop in New Zealand, I can't answer that.

If you do it yourself, you will need a special tool to pull the alternator side cover (you can find one online for around $20-30USD). You may or may not have to remove the flywheel, depending on what happened in there.

If you decide to tackle the repair yourself, come back here and ask for advice. There are many knowledgeable members here who can help get you through this.

EDIT: Ducati issued the attached Service Bulletin on this problem back in 2009, what year is your bike?

Here are a few pictures for reference:


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Hey fullers took the bike to the shop news is back broken shift fork, anyone else had this happen !?
Dan, I would love to see the picture of the broken fork if you can get one... was it the spring or the actual fork? The grinding noise you heard probably was the fork and spring driving in to the gear... Can't say that I've ever seen a broken fork before, but I have seen damage from a mis-aligned shift mechanism--on the fork, spring and the primary gear next to the case. If the lever was pushed hard and long enough, I suppose it would eventually break. Was there any damage to the gear?
I have the same problem with my 2011 1198sp, gear shifter stuck in Neutral. The gear fork spring was broken. i have replaced the spring and reinstalled the fork but i can't get the shifter to move more up more than two gears. I checked the bulletin and the spring is on correctly and the clearances are correct.... stumped not sure what i'm missing..

anyone have a suggestion?

Gary D
Sounds like it's misaligned. The positioning needs to be all but perfect or you'll have that issue. There's an alignment tool you can get to help. Otherwise, get it as close as you can from the positioning in the manual. Then reattach your shift lever but DO NOT button up the case. Run it through EACH gear to make sure it shifts smoothly and doesn't bind while spinning the rear wheel (ignore the clutch). If it's not right, it could shift smoothly in 2-4 then bind 5-6 etc.

There's a thread here somewhere that goes in depth into the procedure with pictures. Take your time and be thorough; I'm sure you've already seen what a PITA it is to take it apart so be sure you get it right before you put her back together.
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you need to be spinning the rear wheel at the same time.
yup, i had it misaligned . its shifting now but the spring is very close if not touching the gear when it shifts. i checked the clearances and the the fork is in the middle where its supposed to be. but it appears the spring broke initially from it hitting the gear. i'm guessing it will again. Should i replace the entire assembly?
it doesn't appear to be bent or out of spec but i'm completely puzzled why its still hard to shift and why the spring gets so close to the gear.
thanks for your feedback.... i may have to take it to a Ducati shop for inspection...
it doesn't appear to be bent or out of spec but i'm completely puzzled why its still hard to shift and why the spring gets so close to the gear.
thanks for your feedback.... i may have to take it to a Ducati shop for inspection...
Just curious and throwing something out there could it be that your slave isn't pushing hard enough...?
Ducati Master mechanic says you need the tool to set the alignment. He says its nearly impossible to set it right without it. Any opinions? i'm buying the tool...
I'd say it's worth it. I tried to do it without the tool and ended up redoing it half a dozen times even after running through each gear. I got it close enough, but it wasn't smooth as it used to be
So this job takes 3 special tools, puller, flywheel holder, and the alignment tool... FYI there is a guy in Escondido, CA rents a handful of special tools.... ducatitoolrental.com it's worth checking out.
You don't need the flywheel tool to fix/replace the shift assembly. That's only if your teeth got jacked up by broken spring parts.
I have to reinstall the flywheel and I see the notch on the wheel but can't be certain of what it lines up with. Does anyone know how to align the flywheel notch with ?? on reinstall?
Charles .. thx for posting the service bulletin. Quite helpful. Had to adjust Charlie's shift harpoon using the OEM tool. We'll see how well it works at Mid Ohio on Tuesday.
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