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My original clutch is shagged, so I'm going to replace it. Is a slipper clutch worth putting in? I do a lot of track days so i think it maybe beneficial. If so what brand and cost should i be looking at?

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Welcome to the forum.
Doing a lot of track days a slipper could be a good thing depending on how hard your pushing the bike.
As for what brand and cost, there is a lot to choose from out there and cost will be what you want to spend.
I have the DP slipper on my 1098R and it has the sintered friction plates. It takes a bit of maintenance and I probably wouldn't recommend it as far as that goes. It's very grabby and snatchy at takeoff if you push it. I've done 13000 kilometres on it and the basket is showing signs of wear but is still okay as are the metal plates and frictions.
To stop the snatchy/grabby action of the DP clutch you need to deglaze the plates.
The problem is the metal plates get hot and burn and the frictions glaze.
A light touch up with some abrasive/emery tape fixes it up for a short time and then it's back again.
I would look for something else as far as a slipper goes and do your research.
Hopefully someone else will chip in with some help for you.

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There are two distinctly different styles of slippers currently on the market for the 1098/1198; Ball bearing and constant spline. The benefits of a ball bearing slipper is the ability to adjust how much slipping you get. Its very hard if not impossible to make those adjustments with a constant spline slipper. The whole purpose of a slipper is to match the revs to the rear wheel speed after a downshift. Some bikes take a lot longer to make this match between revs and rear wheel speed, others are a lot shorter, based on displacement and weight of the engines bottom end. Ducati's are notorious bouncing around because the bottom ends are heavy and the motor simply doesn't want to change revs so quickly, this is why slippers are so important on Ducati's, especially the big bore machines.

Bucci, TSS and STM are the leading brands from Italy who make ball bearing slippers. Rumor has it, the DP clutches are made by Bucci. They use very soft aluminum baskets/hubs, which do wear out extremely quickly on a racing bike. The STM clutches use a much newer style of ramps and bearings, which is quite clever.

EVR is currently the leader in the constant spline design. The EVR clutch is one beautiful piece of art, its masterfully created and looks like it would be a great slipper. Unfortunately, its non adjustable, so if you want more slipping, you can't change the stack to make it work.

I used a TSS clutch for years, bought it from Motowheels, but they stopped importing them for some reason. The Ducati performance clutch is probably the widest used, easiest to find example, even though the stock plates it comes with are garbage. The best plates are made by surflex, they have a single friction surface and NOT individual spaced pads, so they're easy to find if you look at pictures. I have yet to try other clutches with anywhere near the same results. EVR's plates weren't too god awful, but for sure nowhere near as good as the surflex. Wish I could still find those surflex plates… :(

If you do a google search for the companies and products I talked about above, you will find distributors for them. Its unfortunate Motowheels doesn't sell the basic slipper anymore because thats what I'd buy in a heartbeat.

Hope that isn't too confusing!

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I've had my Ducabike Slipper in my 999 for about 6k miles. Works beautifully to date. The four spring allows me to keep the stock slave while reducing lever pull force. So it's much easier on the hand in traffic. You may want to look at the several I have on the site. They have great prices, and the plate kit options will help you decide based on how hard you ride. You can't beat the price either.

For all Ducati.org members, I provide a forum discount. Just use the discount DUCORG10 and receive 10% off all parts on my website.


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