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Originally Posted by Peet
the MV stand fits! The wheels on the 1098 S are identical to those on the F4-1000R. Except that on the Duc they come with a Marchesini sticker and on the MV with a Brembo sticker.


This discussion started in anoter thread on front and rear stands, but I am interested in hearing about what wheels will and won't fit.

Have you actually tried the MV wheels on the 1098? I am very interested as we are trying to find 16.5 wheels for the 1098 and if the MV wheels fit it will make it easier to find the wheels.

Does anyone know if someone has tried 16.5 yet on a 1098? Concerns are the clearance to the siwngarm and getting the calipers on and off for the front with the larger rotors.

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