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Those two geared looking things are what holds the hub onto the output shaft. So the idea is the nut squeezes those together between the spacer and the hex nut on the outside. The tapered end will sit inside the hub on both sides. Because they're keyed sitting on the output shaft, you've gotta align the keys. The easiest method to do that is simply put one of them on the shaft first (tapered end facing upwards) then push the hub on (with no clutch plates) to see if it fits onto the spacer. If it does, then you can align the top one and fit it on. The final part is the washer and that big hex nut, which is tightened to an ungodly 184 foot pounds. You will need a hub/basket holding tool in order to tighten it down as an impact gun won't do it. Then you can put the clutch plates on in the order you took them off. Be careful with re-installing, the order is critical.

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