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1098S Dual Seat?

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So I am anxiously awaiting my 1098 S Tricolore that is scheduled to arrive in March. In the meantime messing around on Ducati.com and the site claims a Dual Seat configuration in the Tech Spec. Anyone have any insight on this? I do not see passanger pegs? Maybe just strap them to my back and let their feet drag? TIA.
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The pillion footpegs mounting points are hidded under the tail unit :)
The 1098 and 1098S both come with pillion rests and seat unit. These are supplied with the bike, in a bag. The factory have been short of pillion rests so some bikes are being delivered without these parts, they will be supplied once parts are available. The rear seat cover is removable using the ignition key and there is space in the rear for a small wallet, cellphone and other small items. The pillion seat clips in place instead of the rear cover. The pillion rests bolt on below the seat to the rear subframe.
Robin - does the seat itself adjust at all, ala the 999?
Congrats, by the way. I'm still several months away from a regular 1098.
Hi there, unfortunately nothing is adjustable as on the 999. Footrests, seat are fixed. Robin
My footpegs are semi-adjustable.... they fold.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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