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1100 2V cafe project for sale

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Started it and I've just run out of time and room. Got it in the house and really getting grief from the girl, just too many bikes and money wrapped up in them.

It's a 2008 1100s hyper that has been modded with a 999 tank, brand new sargent and mono vented tail, foam filters, rear sets, pani clip ons, silmoto carbon pipe and a new set of Q2's

These 1100s models came with forged wheels, ohlins rear and brembo monoblocs

Frame needs 2 tabs for the tank and one extra for the tail, a tidy up of wiring placement (nothing major) and a blue slip for rego it ran out that's all. I was riding it around a couple of months ago.

18,000km PM me $7000 ows me about 10,000

Images are of how it is now and what it looked like when it was a hyper.


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Pm sent.
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