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1198 1098 848 race parts

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Race tech G2R 25mm fork cartridges with springs and preload collars used for 2 ama supersport east rounds part #FRCK RD 109808 these will fit all 848 1098 and 1198 with showa forks retail is $999 asking $650

Attack Racing 30mm adjustable tripples for showa forks.$550 These are also off the same ama supersport bike they are in good shape some wear on the paint no mechanical issues.The bottom of the damper mounting bracket was machined for damper clearance(we used a fg ducati damper and had to flip the mount to get the right elevation and machine clearance) in the standard damperset up the machined side is unseen. attack makes it look like it fits more than the 848. Fitments other than 848 will have to be confirmed with attack. Attached Thumbnails

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How much for the used clutch plates? How many miles on the pack?
I am not interested in breaking up the kit at this juncture. I have interested parties in the kit. If things change I will let you know clutch measures new pack width. No visible or measurable wear
clutch sold.
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attack tripples

attack triples are still available
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