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As I progress through my project, I found out that the donor 2010 1198S is prewired for the quickshifter. All you would need is the Ducati Performance shift rod, plug it in the white connector by the ECU and be done.

Fisrt question is: is it really plug and play or coding is required? Is the DQS something you control through the dash (e.g. settings, on/off) or not?

The other questions are about compatibility. I currently have a Translogic quickshifter from the 999 that has a standalone ECU that cuts spark.

Can I use the Translogic shift rod (strain gauge sensor) with the DQS system (basically use it in place of the DP shift rod)?

If its possible I'd prefer to declutter things and keep it simple

If nobody knows for sure I would appreciate it if someone with the DP shift rod could measure resistance across the two pins.
In particular I'm looking for an open circuit when the shift is at rest, and a decreasing resistance when pressure is applied to the rod (signaling the DP is strain gauge). Resistance should get to basically 0.


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It's controlled through the ecu.
No programming needed..
There is on and off through the dash.
It will automatically default to on.

It will work with any 2 wire QS, just buy a connector or spice in
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