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Dash board started showing speed at various speeds, just not the correct reading. It will jump from 5 to 50 or 200 or 17 kph... I changed the Speed sensor on the rear wheel of my 1198 NO DTC, no change. Speed is still not displayeed correctly. As soon as I get above roughly 30 kph it set to a 0 read out even if I go 200. Sometimes it simply gets stuck at the first signal it gets. Sometimes I sit still, it freezes at 280 and is counting kph even thou I am not moving... somtimes it simply shows = = =

When pushing the Bike at walking speed while sitting on it it will show all sorts of speeds just not the correct read out.
Everything else works fine on the Bike.


How can I fix this issue? it will not count kph.. so a good thing but bad if I ever want to sell the Bike..

I have changed the sensor twice... the dash works in all its functions andisplays everything correctly.
Warning light comes on and show the Speed Sensor to be faulty..

Even my Mechanic has no more ideas.... Can the sensor be re-calibrated?

Help would be appreciated...
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