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I am going to install a Bike Trac to the 1198 - managed to pick one up on eBay so will install myself however I am unsure where to pick up the permanent live, earth and ignition switched live from - I have good knowledge of electronics but am a little reluctant to start butchering the wiring loom on the bike looking for the feeds - was wondering if anyone could provide some guidance on this - the unit has only 3 connections - permanent live, ground and ignition switched live. I have a test meter and know how to use it so if anyone could assist I would be very grateful - I don't want to connect direct to the battery as this would be a bit obvious to a would be thief. The colours of the wires and the best location to splice in to them would be very useful. Pictures would be a great help - just thought you guys have probably fitted accessories to your 1098/1198 so might be able to assist?:wtf:

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