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1199 520 Sprocket Torque Questions

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Hey guys,

I'm getting around to doing some mods to the bike finally and am stuck with my 520 conversion due to not being sure about some torque specs.

I have the torque service manual thats floating around on the inner webs but the names for the bolts just don't seem to add up to me.

I'm looking for

Rear Hub Pinch Bolts

Front Sprocket Bolt

Clutch Slave Cylinder Bolts

Cush Drive Nuts - I think are 44 nm in the manual (someone can verify that if they'd like)

I also have the quick change sprocket from AEM with Titanium studs. It was delivered with the Nuts loose on it so if anyone happens to know the torque spec for that as well that would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide.
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