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Im using PS CS6 to layer the images and LR 5.2 to make any simple corrections.

Urban, you should get into light painting. Much cheaper and simpler than using strobes. I spent about all together $300 for the 4ft garage fluorescent light(home depot) with the vagabond battery from paul buff's website or a LED Flashlight/strip. Personally, me with all the trial and errors, the Garage light is the best. You don't need to be in complete darkeness for that one. The pics come out way nicer than strobes since its such soft lighting. You shoot primarily cars and motors so you should definitely bite the bullet and make the purchase.. It works great for people too. Setup time is super short because there really isn't any. It's all done in PS instead of studio time.

Check this out..
Photo Cornucopia

I don't really like sharing my research, but this should help out a lot on saving some cash flow.
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